A Building Can Look Like New With Masonry Restoration in Philadelphia, PA

A building can look old and ready to be demolished when the brick and mortar are crumbling due to age and water damage. Life can be restored to the building and improve the value when Masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA is performed. Basements, chimneys, buildings, walkways, driveways, walls and foundations can all fall victim to water damage and deterioration. Restoration of masonry can encompass tearing the masonry and rebuilding it to its original structure.

The major reason for repointing masonry is to secure a structure and reduce the chance of water from entering. Water can crack mortar and the brick or stone. Repointing removes the cracked mortar an inch or two deep and new mortar is installed. A company experienced in Masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA will determine the type of mortar that was used in the building. Adding the same type of mortar mixture, including the correct strength and color, will eliminate repointing areas that don’t need it. If mortar has a tint to it, adding pure white mortar will not add beauty to a building. Historical buildings require careful investigation because the mortar was mixed with a variety of sand and lime mixtures.

Foundations that have cracked due to water pressure require an experienced mason to determine the cause. The water problem needs to be corrected before restoration of a basement takes place. If this is not performed, the basement area will continue to be damp and develop mold and mildew. Once the water problem is eliminated, cracked mortar can be removed and new mortar installed. After the mortar has cured, waterproofing of the block and sealing around pipes or vents can finish the foundation. If a basement has paneling or drywall currently installed that is bowing or shows signs of water damage, it must be removed for the restoration to take place.

Chimneys require restoration work to be performed at the first sign of any damage. The heating and cooling of the chimney combined with the weather can cause damage that can create a fire danger to a home. If you need masonry restoration in Philadelphia, PA, you can get more information website name, an outstanding company in the area that has the experience you need.

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