A Brief Overview of Social Security Disability Appeals in Altoona, PA

Getting approved for social security disability benefits seems like an uphill battle to many people. Since people have to be off of work in order to qualify for benefits, they find it very difficult to pay their bills. The process of getting approved for SSDI can take months, or even years in some cases, if you have to appeal the decision if you have been turned down. If you have been denied benefits, then you will need to hire a competent lawyer to appeal social security denial decisions. Time is of the essence with an appeal, because you will need money to pay bills and live. Disability law in Altoona, PA will require the services of a lawyer will have a fresh outlook on your case, and they may see angles that you haven’t thought of.

Initial Claim Decisions

Most people believe that if they have paid into the Social Security Contribution Fund, then they will automatically be entitled to benefits if they become disabled before they reach the age of 65. While that concept seems ideal, things rarely ever happen that way. The bulk of applications for Social Security Disability will be denied the first time they are filed. Even if you feel that your case is really strong, you will still probably not get approved the first time. The Social Security Administration denies these claims in the hopes that people will not follow up with an appeal, so that the government doesn’t have to pay out the money. More than 60% of initial claims are denied. They get their wish with a lot of people, because people become frustrated and don’t bother appealing the claims.

Understanding Denials and Appeals

If your claim has been denied, then you will have 60 days to appeal the decision. Once your appeal has been submitted, it will enter a reconsideration process. Most people are not successful in the reconsideration stage. More than 85% of claims in this stage are denied. People are much better off if they hire an attorney to file their appeal. An attorney that is knowledgeable on Social Security law will know how to represent your interests best. These professionals can easily navigate the social security procedures and laws, because they have a lot of experience in dealing with social security benefit claims. If your Reconsideration Request is denied, then you can appeal your claim again by filing a Request for Hearing. During this stage, a hearing will be held before an Administrative Judge.

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