A Bail Agent in Norwalk, CT Explains the Basics

The majority of people have a limited amount of experience with the criminal justice system. This can make situations in which a friend or family member is charged with a crime not only stressful but also confusing. While many have heard about posting bail and know what it is, they might be intimated and overwhelmed by all that is involved in the process. To help clear up any confusion, a bail agent in Norwalk, CT explains the basics of hiring a bail bondsman.

Initial Steps

Shortly after a loved one has been arrested, they will appear before the judge at a bail hearing. This is when they enter their plea. The judge will take several factors into consideration before deciding on the amount of bail bond. This includes the severity of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and their employment status. A “bond” is the money that is paid to the court that serves as collateral in exchange for the accused party’s temporary release. The money is returned if the accused appears at all of their court dates, even if they are eventually convicted or accept a plea deal.

Short on Cash

It is very common for the family to not have enough cash on hand to meet the bail, so they turn to a bail bondsman. A licensed bail bond agency maintains a relationship with the court, allowing them to navigate the process quickly and easily. Essentially, the agency pays the bail bond, a process that is secured with some form of collateral by a family member or close friend. There is also a fee that has to be paid that is usually around 10% of the bail. If the accused doesn’t appear in court, the bail agency will seize the collateral that was used, and if they show up to all court dates, the collateral is returned.

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