8 Tips for Hiring the Best Property Management Company

It’s a madhouse out there, with plenty of inept managers that make hiring one a real challenge. Don’t be daunted, though. Here are 8 hiring tips to help you beat the odds to finding the best property management company out in Las Vegas:

Come up with a checklist

Make a list of everything you need from a property manager and use it as a guide. This will make it easy to determine which companies fit the bill.

Check their past performance

How well do they fare in terms of their managerial performance in the past? Reach out to former clients or existing ones to get an idea of how the company works.

Ask about their rent collection

Do they have a process in place? They should. Evaluate the process to figure out if it’s good or not.

Observe how they advertise their vacancies

Are they aggressive about it? That’s the kind of management company you want on your side, the Business Insider says.

Find out how they respond to emergencies

How do they deal with emergency situations? It’s crucial to know that they have procedures and guidelines in place in case of flooding, burglaries or any other emergency situations.

Compare their fees

The average fee is often 6 to 12 percent of the rent. However, depending on the services involved, some companies might charge less or more than that.

Inquire about any insurance liability

Do they provide you with coverage? Find out. This can come in handy in the future.

Ask about their screening process

Bad tenants can lead to a slew of problems. That’s something you want to avoid at all costs. If the company doesn’t seem careful about screening prospective tenants, that’s more than enough reason to switch to a better property management company in Las Vegas.

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