6 Ways to Order Wine at a Restaurant

Ordering a sparkly for the first time may seem intimidating. Read these tips to help you get those wine orders right.

Check out the suggestions

Yes, these will probably involve all the wines carried by the restaurant or shop. If you really have no idea what to go for, then start with a white one, Time suggests.

Keep your budget in mind

Don’t overspend. There is nothing wrong with ordering wine while on a budget. Tell the sommelier or staff how much your budget is and let your staff pick out suggestions that will work for you. That way, you won’t need to agonize over every item on the restaurant’s wine list.

Be clear about what you want

Whether you’re ordering wine at a Vancouver WA restaurant or shopping at a wine store, be clear about what you want. For instance, are you buying wine for a romantic anniversary or a business event? That’s going to make it easier for the staff to help you narrow down the options you can choose from.

Don’t show off

When you order wine at Vancouver WA restaurant, pick something you like. Don’t pick a label simply because you think it will impress your guests. Chances are, they probably won’t care. Also, if you’re buying something just to impress, you could end up with a bottle you don’t like. That’s a shame.

Go for a white glass

Don’t be a cliché. Stop drinking champagne from a flute. Request for white wine glasses instead. That’s going to provide you and your guests with a better drinking experience.

Call out the staff

If the staff is trying to show off, on the other hand, by dropping too much jargon, call him/her out on it. But do it nicely. It’s simple enough to do and can help get the interaction off on the right foot.

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