6 Signs That It’s Time to Repair a Furnace in Sparks

Winter is but a distant memory in most places, but it’s coming again before we know it. To ensure that families get to enjoy the comfort of a home heating system while maximizing its lifespan, the experts share some of the most reliable signs that it’s time for repair on a Furnace in Sparks.

Higher Energy Bills

Whether the home is equipped with a gas or electric furnace, higher energy bills indicate a decline in the unit’s performance and a need for service. A short-lived increase could be a fluke, but if it lasts for months, call for repairs right away.

Odd Noises

Most homeowners are familiar with the noises a furnace makes. However, if they hear strange noises, it is a sign of mechanical problems. From high-pitched whining noises to banging and clanging sounds, any form of loud or odd noise shows that the issue requires further attention.

Yellow Pilot Lights

In homes equipped with gas furnaces, a yellowish pilot light shows that the gas/oxygen ratio is off and the system is emitting carbon monoxide, an odorless but lethal gas. When the gases are balanced correctly, the flame is blue.

A Broken Thermostat

If the homeowner finds themselves constantly adjusting the thermostat, or it stops working altogether, it’s time to call for repairs from an HVAC contractor.

Rapid Cycling

A Furnace in Sparks is designed to turn off once the preset temperature is reached, and to turn on again as soon as the temperature drops below that range. If the furnace is cycling on and off too often, there may be an issue with the thermostat or filter.

The Furnace’s Age

This isn’t a sign as much as a general rule. Every furnace has an estimated lifespan that depends on a variety of factors. If the unit is reaching the end of its lifespan, it may need frequent service, but if the calls are coming too often, replacement may be the right option.

If a homeowner sees any of these symptoms when using a furnace, they should call an HVAC company in Sparks. Call or Visit us to learn about our products and services or to schedule a service call.