6 Reasons for Septic Services in Mcdonough GA

With so many potential causes of drain field problems, the best thing to do when an issue arises is to call a professional for Septic Services in Mcdonough GA. It’s often challenging for homeowners to self-diagnose these issues, and only the experts can do drain field restoration or repair. Below are the most common problems found in drain fields and septic systems.

Overdue Septic Cleaning or Pumping

While these systems can go years without being pumped, it must eventually be done. Homeowners should set a regular septic tank maintenance schedule to maintain the system’s health and to keep the family safe.

Root Intrusion

A tree’s root system may go significantly beyond what’s seen above ground, and a tiny seedling will quickly grow into a big tree. Roots may get into the drain field, as well as other parts of the sewage system, and cause a great deal of trouble. In fact, in their search for water, roots will grow toward a drain field.

Too Much Grease

Although it makes for tasty food, cooking grease is also the source of septic issues. Homeowners shouldn’t put it down the drain, as it will coagulate and cut the oxygen supply to the drain field, rendering it unable to do its job.

Being Outdated

A septic system put in years ago isn’t designed to accommodate today’s homes and larger families. If the system is extremely outdated, a complete replacement may be the only real option.

An Overload of Sludge

A home’s septic system is more than a holding tank for household waste; it’s a delicately balanced system that uses beneficial bacteria to reduce the buildup of sludge and sulfites. Today’s homeowners often use strong cleaners that upset the balance and lead to sludge buildup.

Damage by Vehicles

A drain field and its piping aren’t built to hold weight and can be damaged when vehicles park on them. Because most homes’ drain fields are found in front yards, this problem is common when the family has more cars than the driveway and garage can hold. Even if a vehicle doesn’t collapse the drain field, it compacts the soil, which is also damaging.

If there are foul odors, pooling water, or sewage backups into the home, there’s likely a drain field problem. However, local Septic Services in Mcdonough GA to diagnose the issue and provide repairs. Call MTG Services today for further details.

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