6 Pallet Racking Tips for Your Warehouse

Create the most efficient working conditions in your warehouse. Choose the best pallet racking solution for your team. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Maximize Storage Space

Make the most out of your warehouse. Which racking system will allow you to take advantage of every spare inch of your floor space? Instead of buying a larger warehouse, you could find ways to maximize the space you already have. Consider if you can use more of the vertical space and how.

Consider Your Products

What are the products in your inventory? Are you expanding? If you’re introducing oversized or irregularly shaped items, you’ll need to customize a portion of your racking system to accommodate those products.

Evaluate Your Current Shelves

Do you require direct access to the products all the time? Or will a selective pallet racking system suitable for your operations? Consider which racking system can best support your goals as you move forward.

Think About the Future

Pick pallet racking systems that allow for easy scalable solutions. If you want to grow your business, and have plans to expand your warehouse space, consider scalable pallet racking systems.

Decide on Your Equipment

Before you start putting those shelves too close to each other, think about the warehouse equipment you’ll use. If you’re getting a forklift, put enough space between the shelves for the machine to pass through. Some might recommend reducing the aisle space but be careful not to go beyond the minimum requirement.

Look for Unused Spaces

You might think you’ve used every available space. But it wouldn’t hurt to check. You might be surprised at how much space is still left unused in your warehouse. For instance, you could put shelves above doors or under mezzanines. That’s another way to think outside the box when you hunt down possible storage spaces.

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