5 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs Near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Although it is the most important day of your life, weddings can be very expensive and it can be tempting to elope in order to avoid planning a wedding. However, if you are careful about setting a budget and sticking to it, you can afford to celebrate your big day in style. Here are some tips for cutting the costs of a wedding.

Get Help from Friends

Instead of hiring vendors you don’t know to cater your wedding or to do the flower arrangements, contact friends who are experienced in these areas to help you. You will be able to save money by buying the supplies that are needed and getting your friends to volunteer their efforts for your wedding day. They can make your wedding even more special because they helped you with it.

Consider Wedding Packages

There are elegant wedding venues near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin offering wedding packages that can help cut your costs. Some of the packages are all-inclusive and include amenities such as limousine service, appetizers, cocktails, and even photo booths. Abbey Springs Country Club offers several different wedding packages at their venue.

Plan a Weekday Wedding

Most couples get married on Saturday, although some will choose Friday night if they want an evening wedding. To save some money, consider holding your wedding during the week instead of on the weekend. In addition, consider a fall or winter date for a rustic elegant wedding and events in the Lake Geneva Wisconsin area because most people hold their weddings when the weather is warmer.

Have a Banquet

Some of the more elegant wedding venues near Lake Geneva Wisconsin will offer banquet style meals instead of table service for your wedding. Although your guests will have to serve themselves, you will be cutting costs because you won’t need extra staff to serve food or drinks. Most venues are very accommodating with their arrangements.

Ask About Add-ons

Don’t be shy about asking about add-on costs at the more elegant wedding venues you’re considering for your wedding and reception. In an effort to make money, some venues will rent out tables and chairs, as well as other services instead of including them in the price of the venue. You can look over their websites instead of contacting venues to check for this information if you are too shy to ask the tough questions.

You shouldn’t have to start out your married life by being in debt and by shopping around and asking favors, you can find several ways to cut the costs of a wedding. By being careful with your budget you can still have an elegant wedding without maxing out your credit credits or taking out a personal loan. Visit AbbeySprings.org for more information!