5 Tractor Service Tips to Save Money and Downtime

If you are in the agriculture industry in the Seattle area, your equipment is your livelihood and maintenance in an essential part of your business. Maintaining a tractor is more than just buying and installing kubota filters, it takes a complete plan. If you want to avoid expensive repairs and downtime, these 5 maintenance tips can help.

1. Daily Monitoring
Some maintenance is seasonal while others things are daily. For example, you should always listen for strange or unusual sounds and make sure the temperature stays within the specified limits.

2. Make a List and Check it Off
Make up a list, so you won’t forget to check the oil and look for fluid leaks before you start it up. You’ll want to include checking the air in the tires and looking for signs of tire damage or wear. Check the radiator and make sure all belts and hoses are in good condition.

3. Keep Accurate Records
Write down when you change the oil and Kubota filters. Anytime you need to make repairs, write it down and don’t forget to record the hours.

4. Frequent Washings
It’s not your favorite car, but it’s just as important. When it rains in Seattle, your tractor gets all muddy and dirty, so take the time to wash it off and clean the underside also. Once or twice a season, apply a coat of quality automotive wax to the finish. This protects the machine from rust and corrosion.

5. Don’t Use Cheap Parts
When it’s time to replace Kubota filters, spark plugs, and other components, get the best parts possible. Your Kubota dealer in Seattle has OEM parts made just for your machine. When you need service for your tractor, you can count on your local dealership to do the job right and give you the best warranty on parts and labor.

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