5 Things to Do While Waiting for Towing Services

There can be a host of reasons why a driver would need to call for towing services. Some of the common reasons include engine malfunction, a flat tire, a car accident, etc. These things are neither planned nor can they be foretold. Hence, you need to be prepared for such a situation all the time. The first thing to do is to have numbers of good local towing service in Crestwood IL providers in your contact list.

Once you have called them to come to your aid, there are a few steps you can take to make life easy for yourself and other people on the road.

  • Get the Hazard Lights Flashing

There is a reason your car has hazard lights. When your car is in trouble and cannot be moved from the road, hazard lights indicate that something is wrong with the vehicle. This allows on road drivers to stay away from the car, whilst they also work as the car’s call for help.

  • Keep yourself in the Car

If you are in your car and its warning signs flashing, you’ll be safer. Outside the car you might be vulnerable to other moving cars and elements. This will also help you ensure that your belongings are safe inside the car.

  • Get Your House in Order

Technically, it’s your car and not your house that you’ll have to get in order. Before the towing service’s vehicle arrives, you should organize all your belongings and keep them packed to allow for a swift, effective, and safe towing experience. Leaving without organizing your belongings can result in loss of valuables during the towing process or back at the mechanic’s place.

  • Try and Move the Vehicle Away from the traffic

Depending on the road you are at, you need to move the vehicle as far as possible into the shoulder of the road. If you are on freeway or a fast moving road, a stationery vehicle is least expected and it might cause unwanted accidents. Also for the towing service’s truck to tow your car, it will be easier to function if your car is on the side of the road with least traffic. Hence, ensuring the truck, the car, and other vehicles stay safe.

  • Flares and Reflective Triangles are a must

Placing cones and reflective triangles around your vehicle is mandatory if your car breaks down at night time. Placing at the very least one in the front and one in the back will notify other drivers of your situation and avoid any mishap that might have otherwise occurred.

Make sure you choose a fast and efficient towing service like First Response Towing to ensure, safe and swift towing of your car.

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