5 Simple Fixes If Your Ice Maker No Longer Works

Not all faulty appliances require repairs. Check out the following tips to guide you along if your ice maker stops working.

Inspect the plug

Is it plugged in? Your unit may have been unplugged by accident. It wouldn’t hurt to check it out. This is often one of the reasons why units won’t work. Make it a habit to check for this before anything else.

Check the control arm

Try out simple solutions first before you look for an under-counter ice maker repair service in Houma. First, check the control arm, CNET says. Is it in the proper position? If it isn’t, put it back. If your ice maker starts working, then you’ve solved the problem.

Replace the filter

Clogged filters will cause problems for your unit. These need to be maintained, following manufacturer specifications. The owner’s manual should provide you with the information you need to find it, check it for debris, and have it cleaned or replaced. If this is beyond your experience or you’re afraid you may do something wrong, then hire a pro. Call an under-counter ice maker repair service in Houma for help.

Inspect the floor

If you’ve always had uneven flooring in your home and used a block of wood or padding to ensure your fridge is at a perfect level, then check if the wood is still there. It may have been dislodged, which could be why your ice maker isn’t working. Make sure it’s aligned correctly to keep your ice maker running.

Check the thermostat

It’s also possible for someone to have messed with the settings. Does the temperature settings follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual? Check. If putting it in the recommended settings doesn’t work, then make a call now and schedule a repair with a service firm you trust.

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