5 Signs of the Need for Auto Transmission Repair in Junction City KS

In most scenarios, having the transmission flushed every two years or 30,000 miles is sufficient. However, there might be cases where the transmission should be flushed sooner for its own protection. Below are some signs that a car may be in need of a transmission flush or auto transmission repair in Junction City KS.

Strange Transmission Noises and Grinding

A transmission full of sludge, grease and dirt can often display symptoms similar to those exhibited when fluid is low. If a driver notices strange grinding noises coming from the transmission, they should stop and check the fluid level with the vehicle in park and the engine running. Transmission fluid should be bright red; black or brown fluid indicates the need for a flush.

Issues When Shifting Gears

Whether the car is a manual or an automatic, it needs clean, free-flowing transmission fluid. A transmission containing an excessive amount of sludge or dirt will respond sluggishly, resulting in erratic gear changes. In a vehicle with a manual transmission, the driver may find it hard to change gears.

Gear Slippage

A grimy transmission may have low hydraulic power, and symptoms may be similar to those exhibited when fluid levels are low. To stay in gear, the transmission must have sufficient pressure. When the transmission is dirty, contamination may block the flow of fluid and prevent the unit from building pressure. If there’s no other issue with the transmission and the fluid level is adequate, the problem may be due to dirt and contaminant buildup.

When the transmission is full of contaminants and needs a flush, the driver may notice an unexplained surging of the vehicle. Because a dirty transmission prevents adequate fluid flow, the vehicle may surge or jump forward or fall backward for no reason. Surging is caused by an erratic flow of transmission fluid, which prevents the smooth operation of the transmission’s internal moving parts.

Delayed Movement

Another sign of the need for a transmission flush occurs when a vehicle stalls for a second or two between being put into gear and moving forward. If the transmission has no other issues, a fluid flush may be beneficial.

The problems listed here are often a sign of other, more serious issues. If a vehicle’s transmission exhibits any of the signs listed above, the driver should check out Ekartautomotive.com for Auto Transmission Repair in Junction City KS as soon as possible.

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