5 Significant Benefits of Sump Pump Installation in Waldorf, MD

Few things can strike fear into a homeowner’s heart faster than finding the basement full of water. To prevent basement flooding, sump pumps are commonly used in homes in areas with high water tables. However, the benefits go beyond keeping water out of the home. Below are several ways a Sump Pump Installation in Waldorf MD can protect a homeowner’s most important investment.

Protecting the Home’s Foundation

Water beneath the soil can weaken a home’s foundation. Sump pumps can keep the home’s basement dry by removing water from the area and protecting the foundation from a mold, mildew, and gradual deterioration.

Preventing Disastrous Flooding

Heavy storms and torrential rains can quickly and easily cause water buildup in the basement. Along with the damage caused to the home, an owner can lose valuable items stored downstairs. A functional sump pump can prevent damage to the home and its contents.

Preventing Damping and Damage to Walls

If standing water is allowed to stay in the basement of a home, it can create damp patches and seep into the interior walls, causing cement, mortar or paint to peel and flake away. Avoid this damage with a Sump Pump Installation in Waldorf MD, as the float switch automatically switches the system on when the water reaches a certain level.

A Reduction in Mold Growth

Moisture buildup on basement walls and other surfaces can cause the growth of unsightly and dangerous mildew and mold. Not only do mold and mildew cause health issues, but they can also cause structural damage as well. However, a properly maintained sump pump can keep the basement dry, the family healthy and safe, and the home in good condition.

A Reduced Fire Risk

Homeowners are aware of several potential fire hazards, but flooding is a danger most are unaware of. Water can cause basement appliances such as furnaces and clothes dryers to short circuit, which can trigger a dangerous electrical fire. When a home is equipped with a sump pump, these worries can become outdated.

Many homeowners are unaware of the dangers of a flooded basement until it actually happens. Although a sump pump is a big investment, it can pay off in terms of greater safety and home durability. Customers can contact us for a free estimate or to learn more about the benefits of a strong sump pump.

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