5 Reasons to Buy a Used Volkswagen

Considering a Volkswagen? A used Volkswagen car can look as good as new, and it doesn’t have the surprisingly hidden costs of a new car. Whether you’re browsing used-vehicle listings or the latest television ad has you set on a brand-new model, each avenue offers drawbacks and benefits. To help you decide, we’ve compiled 5 reasons to buy a used Volkswagen.

  1. Car Depreciation: Vehicles depreciate. Today, cars are lasting longer, but they still lose most of their value early in their lifespan. Most people can expect a new vehicle to lose up to 50 percent of its value within a three years of rolling off the parking lot. The inevitable law of depreciation is a good reason to buy used cars Mokena instead.
  2. More for Your Money: Shopping for used cars Mokena can be more fun than budgeting for a new one. Your budget may afford you only an entry-level vehicle on the new market, but if you shop used, that same budget can buy you a vehicle that is fancier or better equipped.
  3. Certified Pre-Owned Options: Today, nearly all carmakers offer some version of a Certified Pre-Owned program, making a used-vehicle purchase a less worrisome endeavor. All manufacturer certified cars include some level of warranty and often additional perks like a free roadside assistance or a free loaner vehicle when yours needs to head to the shop.
  4. Used Purchases Less Risky: Car history reports make buying used vehicles less risky. The emergence of CarFax has helped people gain greater peace of mind when considering used vehicles. The companies offering these reports rely on their sources to provide accurate data, meaning any time a car has an accident, or is repaired, the report should reflect it.

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