5 Reasons Terrazzo is Superior to Marble

Dating back to renaissance Venice, Terrazzo has had a long and distinguished history. Michelangelo had Terrazzo floors put into St Peter’s Basilica, and today you can see Terrazzo everywhere from government buildings, financial skyscrapers, to residential builds. Due to its classy appearance and the ease of cleaning, Terrazzo is growing in popularity — here’s why people are choosing it over marble.


Cleaning Terrazzo is much easier than marble. Marble is very susceptible to staining and requires special materials to properly clean. But when cleaning Terrazzo, any standard cleaning products will be effective.


Terrazzo is usually made from around 80% recycled materials. It is Greenguard and LEED certified, and VOC free. In the age of sustainability, Terrazzo enables you to minimize your environmental impact without compromising on style, quality or durability.


You can shape Terrazzo into any shape you need, which widens your design options dramatically. The possibilities are infinite, from the simplest designs to the incredibly intricate. Marble is inflexible, and cannot be molded into any shape like Terrazzo can. This limits your options.


Terrazzo is not only an excellent choice if you want to convey opulence and luxury, but it gives a completely unique, completely customizable appearance that you cannot get from any other material, including marble. You are able to create the exact color shade that you need for your own particular project.


Terrazzo, despite being a thinner material than marble, is actually much stronger and more durable, and cleaning Terrazzo requires much less overhead than marble. Terrazzo can last as long as 75 years while only needing minimal repairs during that period. Marble, on the other hand, chips relatively easily, particularly at the edges, and can be expensive to repair once a break has occurred.

Trend Terrazzo is an international Terrazzo floor tile manufacturer. Having started in Italy, the company has now spread to five continents. Trend Terrazzo specializes in combining the Italian artistic tradition with modern innovative technology.