5 Reasons It’s Better to Leave Your Dog at Daycare Than At Home

Spending the bulk of your time at work means you leave your dog alone most of the time. Here’s why you’ll want to start putting your pooch in a dog daycare in Toronto.

He’s lonely

If you often come home to find your new socks torn, the sofa destroyed and a million other things with your dog’s toothmarks on them, the fact that your dog is being destructive is a sign that he’s either lonely or bored or both. Bringing your dog to doggy daycare in Toronto gives your pooch the attention and playtime he needs, PetGuide says.

He needs exercise

If your dog is massive, he may not be getting enough exercise. If you get home late on weekdays that you rarely have the time or energy to take him out, then that’s a problem for your dog. You need to ensure he gets more exercise. You can do that by bringing him to a doggie daycare.

He needs routine

A lot of dogs love routine. When you bring your pet to daycare, you can provide him with a daily routine that usually includes walks and playtime. That’s a good reason to bring him over to the daycare every day, especially when you’re always at work.

He’s safe

If you often panic at the thought that your dog may escape or get into trouble while you’re at work, then you can eliminate those worries when you leave your pet at the daycare. That way, you can check in any time you want. You’re assured that your dog is safe and well-cared for.

He needs socialization

Putting your dog in daycare helps improve his socialization skills. He gets to spend a lot of time with other dogs and that can make him a friendlier, sociable sort. However, if your dog is a bit surly or isn’t social, let the staff at the daycare know so that they can ensure that he gets the proper attention.

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