5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Fence Company in Winnebago County IL

When homeowners need fences installed, they should ask certain questions before hiring a contractor. By doing some research and vetting the area’s fencing companies, a customer will be much more satisfied with the results they get. Below are some questions to ask before hiring a fence company in Winnebago County, IL.

Does the Company Provide Examples of Past Work?

A trustworthy, reliable fence installer should be willing to show examples of completed work. If the company provides good customer service and quality workmanship, they won’t attempt to conceal it. If they can’t or won’t provide a portfolio of past jobs, customers should take it as a warning sign to look elsewhere.

Is the Company Properly Insured?

The last thing a customer wants during a fence installation job is to land in financial trouble because of a worker’s on-the-job injury and the company’s lack of insurance coverage. Before hiring a fence installer, ask to see proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurances.

How Does the Installer Avoid Damaging Utility Lines?

Though it may not be a customer’s first thought when they plan to install a fence, it’s important to ensure that utility lines are not damaged during the job. Fence installation can be risky if the fence company in Winnebago County, IL doesn’t take steps to avoid underground utility lines.

How Long Will It Take?

When a professional does work on a customer’s property, it’s only natural to wonder how soon it can be finished. Though it can be hard to provide an accurate estimate of completion time, a good fencing company should be able to give a ballpark figure on how long a job will take.

What Type of Warranty Coverage Is Available?

Knowing about the length and scope of the contractor’s warranty can give a customer an idea of the kind of quality they can expect. If a company offers a long-term warranty on materials and labor, it means they plan to be around long enough to stand behind their work.

From getting more privacy to allowing children and pets to roam freely around the yard, there are many good reasons to build a fence around a home. By asking the questions listed above, customers can be sure they’re hiring the right contractor for the job.

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