5 Popular Design Master Degree Programs for Artists of All Kinds

You’ve always been majorly talented in all things art. From drawing to graphic design, you just have a natural talent for creating cool and interesting works of art. But every artist needs a way to grow and evolve their talent. Master design degrees are graduate-level educational degrees that let students study art forms, art theory, and art practice. To help you decide what type of art design master’s degree is the right way to go, we’ve put together this list of some of the most popular design degree out there.

Fiber and Textile Design

Fiber and textile design is a field that centers on the study and creation of woven materials. In a master’s program, you will study fashion, design history, and textile technologies. You will get the chance to design and create your own fabrics.


Ceramics master’s programs include the study of ceramics in a theoretical context as well as practical methods of creating in this medium.

New Media

New media is a technological-driven design field where you can learn how to use video, sound, mobile applications, and performance to create innovative works of art.


A classic field of design where master’s programs allow you plenty of studio time to create works of arts, and you also get to study the history of art and art theory.


A master’s program in architecture lets you develop your design skills in the context of creating and building different types of structures.

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