5 Ideas on How to Pick Out Curtain Fabric

Pick out curtains that work with your interiors. Learn how to pick out curtain fabric options that fit right into your home.

Is it durable?

Keep in mind that sunlight damages fabrics of all kinds. Overexposure to the sun will age your fabrics much faster. If you’re looking for window fabrics, then, it’s best that you steer clear of silks since these choices are prone to sun rot. Go for cotton instead.

What’s the mood?

Are you setting a formal tone? If that’s your intent, then go for drapes since these are heavier and much more ideal for formal settings. However, if you’re after a casual atmosphere, then look for lighter materials, the SFGate says. Linen is a good option.

Do you want to save on energy?

If you’ve got high energy consumption costs, then picking out heavy drapes for your window treatments can do a lot to reduce your heating costs. Insulated options should work well in keeping and preserving the heat. Keep that in mind when you shop for curtain fabric.

Want to reduce exterior light?

If you want to reduce exterior light, then look into buying blackout fabrics. The best thing about these window coverings is that they aren’t just useful for reducing exterior light. With blackout fabrics, you also protect the privacy of your home. As a handy side-benefit, the material keeps sunlight out, which helps protect your furniture pieces and fabrics from premature fading and keeping you safe from untimely replacement costs.

Where will you put it?

Choose different window fabrics for every room in your house. Curtains for bathroom windows should give a bit of coverage and let in some light. For a formal dining room, you may want to look for fabrics with a bit of stiffness so they will keep their shape. For small kitchen windows, pick out a simple roll-down shade.

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