5 Common Reasons to Need Emissions Repair for Your Car

Like many other states, New Jersey requires that drivers in most urban areas have their vehicle tested for emissions and certified annually. If you have taken your car in for its inspection, but it failed, you will need to have emissions repair before you can be certified and legally able to drive on the road. What are some of the most common reasons to need your car’s emissions system repaired?

The Check Engine Light

Perhaps the most common reason for failing an emissions test is that your check engine light is on. Note that if this light is illuminated, you cannot have your car’s emissions tested at all. You will need to have the vehicle professionally inspected and repaired, and the light turned off before you can go through the testing process. The check engine light can illuminate for any number of reasons, ranging from a loose gas cap to a gasket leak in the engine.

O2 Sensors

Oxygen sensors play an important role in your emissions system by detecting the amount of oxygen within the exhaust to gauge the fuel mixture being burned. However, over time, O2 sensors suffer from wear and tear, as well as exposure to high heat and corrosive gases. This will eventually lead to failure. If one or more O2 sensors on your car have failed, you will not pass your emissions test until they have been replaced.

Exhaust Leaks

Your car’s exhaust system is designed to route exhaust gases from the engine through the catalytic converter, then the muffler, and then finally out the exhaust pipe at the back of the vehicle. However, if there is a leak somewhere in the system, it can cause some problems, particularly if the leak is before the catalytic converter (meaning unburned toxic gases could be leaking into the atmosphere).

Gasket Leaks

Exhaust system-related gasket leaks (exhaust manifold gaskets, for instance) can also be a cause for your vehicle to fail the emissions test. Hence, the gasket will need to be replaced before you can pass.

Failed Catalytic Converter

Your car’s catalytic converter plays an essential role in reducing the pollution created by the engine, by burning toxic fumes. If the catalytic converter fails, you will not be able to pass the emissions test until it is replaced.

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