5 Advantages to Using a Holistic Animal Hospital

Animal lovers and owners want what is best whether they seek out traditional veterinarians or holistic vets. Many people are not aware of holistic veterinarian care options, or do not realize the benefits of choosing a holistic animal hospital. Choosing a holistic approach can change the way you view pet care. You’ll find these five benefits from allowing a holistic animal hospital care for your beloved pet.

Preventive Treatment Options

Most pet owners only visit the animal hospital when their pet is sick or hurt. This can complicate the treatment process because of underlying health issues. A holistic approach means maintaining the health of your pet instead of treating an injury or preventing it from breaking in the first place.

Focus on Whole Health

One advantage to the holistic approach is the practitioner doesn’t just focus on a solitary issue. They look at the whole being and the totality of all their needs including lifestyle, diet, behavior and social habits. Practitioners will then observe any irregularities and address them as they develop treatment programs.

Personalized Care

The one thing that sets the holistic vet apart is their empathy, both in the way they treat and exam animals. They provide care in a way that will be the least stressful on the patient. They may also use methods like massage or Reiki to help the animal remain calm.

Treatment Options

Holistic vets have a wide variety of treatment options they can choose. They can provide significant improvements through options such as herbal remedies, massage, nutritional therapies, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. They do not practice a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, each animal is assessed thoroughly to find a unique treatment course that will address and cure the underlying causes.

Natural Remedies

Traditional medicine can lead to harmful side effects that end up requiring more treatments. Alternative medicine provides a wide variety of treatment options that are safe and natural which are free from negative side effects. A holistic animal hospital will take the necessary steps to restore the relationship between a pet and the natural world.

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