5 Advantages of Living in an Oklahoma Off-Campus Student Housing

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Student Accommodation Center

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Have you decided where to live after admission to the University of Oklahoma? You can live in student housing off campus. Below are the reasons for living in an OU off-campus student housing.

Independence The on-campus dorms have strict regulations that you must obey. Off-campus housing is not strict. You will have more independence without worrying about authorities following you up. You can even invite and spend time with visitors. The housing management assigns you free street parking space for your car and limited guest parking.

Freedom to Choose Roommates On-campus facilities offer little choice about your living situation. They choose a hostel and roommate for you, then lay down the rules. OU off-campus student housing allows you to choose your roommates. That means you share your house with people you like, but your bathroom is private. You also have the freedom to invite visitors.

Spacious Amenities Off-campus housing proprietors develop them to offer the comfort of a home. They provide spacious accommodations with up to 5 bedrooms and a private bathroom for each. You choose accommodation with bedrooms that fit your needs and budget. You also access various community features, including study lounges, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and more.

Furniture at affordable price OU off-campus student housing provides furniture at an affordable charge if you do not want to move in with them. The furniture includes essential items such as queen size bed, a sofa, tables, a dresser, and a desk.

Enhanced Security and Safety Private security patrols and on-site management staff ensure that your off-campus housing is safe. They also install safety features like fire sprinklers.

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