4 Ways Personal Alarms Boost Your Personal Safety

The FBI says there’s been an increase in violent crimes in 2015. In that year, there were an estimated 15,696 murders throughout the country along with 90,185 rapes and 327,374 robberies. Those numbers seem to be on the rise in recent months. Given the statistics, it’s best to be vigilant about your safety and security. That’s where personal alarms can come in.

Protect yourself

No one ever thinks it will happen to them. But that’s the kind of complacency that could put your life at risk. It never hurts to be prepared. If you have an alarm device along with a mini stun gun or a pepper spray in your bag, you have something to protect yourself in case you find yourself dealing with an attacker.

Get the element of surprise

Say you and your loved ones grabbed a bite and are now on your way home. But a couple of criminal elements sidle out of the dark alley you overlooked. If you have an alarm gadget and stun device with you, you can take advantage of the element of surprise and make a move before they even know what’s happening. That could give you and your loved ones the chance to get away.

Create a distraction

Loud noises can also distract your attacker and give you the chance you need to get away. By carrying personal alarms, you could even alert other people in the neighborhood and get the help you need.

Get help

If you live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of dogs, you wouldn’t want to take a chance and find yourself confronting an aggressive one. One minute, you’re busy jogging and the next, you could be defending yourself against a possible canine attack. A dog pepper spray could help you fend that off while an alarm could help alert your neighbors and push someone to call for help.

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