4 Ways a Suntouch Thermostat Can Compliment Your Heated Floors

Heated floors are a modern innovation that keeps your feet warm in any season. With brand-specific heated floors, you will never have to wake up and trod into the bathroom on a freezing cold surface again. However, as you can imagine, heated floors are a complex setup that requires multiple components. A Suntouch Thermostat is an important component that will allow you to control your heated floors at the touch of a button.

Two Available Options to Meet Your Needs

There are two versions of thermostats produced by the Suntouch brand that give you some options to choose from. The Suntouch SunStat Command is a basic thermostat that offers 7-day programming and an economical price point, while the Suntouch SunStat Connect has Wi-Fi capabilities and can be controlled remotely.

Reads Outdoor Temperatures to Save on Energy Use

These thermostats feature smart technology that allow them to adjust based on the settings around them. By reading the outside temperature, these thermostats are able to adjust accordingly to conserve energy. They also display outdoor temperatures in real-time on the color display.

Up-to-Date Display with Usage Read-Out

Each version of this thermostat provides readings to let owners know how much energy your heated floor is using at any given time. Multiple color displays make this information easy to read, too.

Enhanced Performance Potential

Your best-quality Suntouch thermostat can be customized to your specific heated floor setup. A dual-voltage 120/240 VAC capability accommodates different heated floor setups. Also, an included GFCI and built-in relay are beneficial for homeowners, too.

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