4 Things to Look for If You’re Hiring a Janitorial Crew

Your office says a lot about you. If you want to make the right impression on potential clients and new hires, as well as provide existing employees with the ideal work environment, you need to keep your workplace clean and organized.

Make smart hiring decisions when you look for a Janitorial Service in Stamford CT. Here’s what you need to know before you choose a cleaning crew.

Bonded and insured staff

Look for a firm that has bonded and insured service contractors. That protects your business from any liability as well as from damage and theft. With about 40 percent of theft claims traced back to cleaning companies, the USA Today says, it’s important that you pick a trustworthy crew.

Services offered

What kind of cleaning services does the firm offer? Discuss that during the consultation. You’ll want to talk about the specific services or cleaning requests you may want to add to the list. Will these extras cost you a lot? How much will it all set you back?

Basics of the deal

How many times will the cleaning sessions take place? Do you need a firm that can provide daily services? What times work best for your company? Do you want the crew to work after office hours? How many people are going to do the job? Run through the basic details before you hire a cleaning company.

Reputation and record

Don’t forget to check the firm’s reputation and track record. This is often rooted in the company’s experience. How long has it been around? What do the reviews say about the business and the quality of its services? Find out as much as you can in this regard. Whatever answer you unearth will help your hiring decision.

For trusted Janitorial Service in Stamford CT, call Conn Clean at (203) 278-5400. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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