4 Things to Know About Urgent Care

Going to the ER often means long wait times. If you’re hurt or in pain but you aren’t in any immediate danger, you could spend up more than an hour waiting for treatment. If you need medical attention but don’t want to go to the ER, then check out your options for urgent care in Irvine.

Here are few handy things to know before you pay a visit to one.

Go in the middle of the day

If you want the shortest wait time possible, then time your visit and go in the middle of the day, the Little Things says. Taking an hour off in the afternoon will mean a shorter wait time since most people are probably going to go in the early morning or after work hours.

Get a physical

If you need to get a physical for a job, head on over to a facility for urgent care in Irvine. You can get a physical at these facilities if you’re in a crunch or don’t have a current primary physician just yet.

Go for wounds and common illnesses

More and more people are going to urgent care centers, with about 27 percent of U.S. patients in 2016 reporting that they had visited one in the last two years. 60 percent of those patients said their visits were for treatment of minor wounds or illnesses. If you don’t have a primary care physician at the moment, then going to an urgent care facility is a sound option for you. Given the shortage of primary doctors, this facility provides you with the treatment you need.

Bring along your docs

An urgent care doctor won’t have all your records, then make sure you bring along all the necessary documents, including your x-rays and test results along with proof of your insurance so the consultation and treatment will proceed without any problems.

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