4 Signs to Look Out for When You Hire a Child Abuse Lawyer

Facing a violent crime charge isn’t something you can dismiss. It’s a serious charge and even more so if it’s a trumped-up one. If you aren’t careful, though, hiring a lawyer with little to no experience could get you a conviction. Make sure nothing goes wrong. Here are a few signs of what to avoid when you start looking for legal help.

Doesn’t Investigate Your Case

A child abuse lawyer in San Antonio worth their salt knows the importance of information. If the lawyer or firm doesn’t dig around for information, that’s a red flag. Your lawyer must be the first to go around to find out what can be used against you. That’s crucial in building a defense strategy in court. If that isn’t the case, get a different lawyer.

Lacks Qualifications

Not all lawyers have the proper qualifications to take on this case. For instance, one of your friends is a general practitioner. If you’re thinking about hiring that friend to represent you in court, don’t. You need a lawyer who specializes in dealing with child abuse cases, or family law cases. Pick someone who has already represented clients in court who’ve been charged with the same charges you’ve been.

Lacks the Services You Need

Not all lawyers offer the services you need. If you require other legal forms of assistance, talk to the lawyer you want to hire. Find out if they can handle those tasks. If the firm or lawyer doesn’t take up that work, then hire someone else.

Rare Availability

A good lawyer is available to your legal needs, 24/7. Whatever developments your case has, your lawyer should be right on top of them, keeping you updated. If your lawyer is only available for certain tasks, it’s best to keep looking until you find the right one to represent you in court.

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