4 Signs That It’s Time for You To Seek Bipolar Treatment in Las Vegas

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition. If left untreated, it can severely affect and limit your quality of life. That makes getting an early diagnosis and starting bipolar treatment in Las Vegas especially important. If you notice any of these four signs, it may be time for you to seek help

1. Repeated Depressive Episodes
Some mild forms of bipolar disorder do not cause manic periods of hyperactivity. If you regularly experience short (less than three months) depressive episodes, then you may have bipolar disorder.

2. Antidepressants Aren’t Working
Antidepressants may help the symptoms you experience during depressive episodes, but they will not help with manic ones. In fact, many people with bipolar disorder will experience more intense manic periods when taking antidepressants. If that sounds familiar, you should seek a treatment option that works for you.

3. You Experience Manic Episodes
Manic episodes are considered the hallmark symptom of bipolar disorder, though not everyone with it will experience them at the same level, or even at all. Mania is a period of hyperactivity and increased energy where you may struggle to stay focused and on task.

4. You Overeat and Sleep When Depressed
Depression that is accompanied by the desire to eat or sleep more than usual may actually be a sign of bipolar disorder. Talk to your healthcare provider if you notice that you are eating and sleeping excessively during depressive episodes.

Treatment is Available
There are many bipolar treatments for Las Vegas area residents. Contact IV Solution Centers at ivsolutioncenters.com to learn about how you can manage your symptoms and take back control of your life.

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