4 Reasons to Bring a Car in for Engine Repair in Indianapolis, IN

The engine is to a vehicle what the heart is to a person; when it stops, everything else stops as well. Just as humans need to eat healthy and exercise for good heart health, a car’s engine needs care to keep working properly. Engine failure is one of the most expensive maintenance problems a car owner can face, and with that fact in mind, here are some of the most common reasons for a meltdown.

Too Much Time Between Oil Changes

Oil is an engine’s lifeblood, and failing to change it at recommended intervals can damage the engine over the years. It’s important to choose the right oil for the engine; many modern vehicles need synthetic oil for peak fuel efficiency and performance. Because the service costs more, many customers are reluctant to use this type of oil-;which can cause failure in the future.

Disregarding Oil Leaks

On a similar note, it’s important to look for leaks, especially the heavy ones. Here, the most common problem is a lack of lubrication for the engine’s metal parts, which can cause wear and premature failure. Other issues result from slow leaks, such as deterioration of engine mounts, steering components and suspension bushings.

Ignoring the “Low Oil” Light

If the driver ignores this warning light, it’s likely that engine damage has already taken place. However, the light can come on for other reasons; it can indicate when the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor needs replacement. Regardless of the cause, a “Low Oil” light should encourage the driver to bring the car in for diagnosis and engine repair in Indianapolis IN.

Overheating Problems

On most cars, the engine coolant should be flushed every 30,000 miles or three years, whichever comes first. However, many vehicle owners and some facilities wait until there’s serious damage to perform maintenance. Overheating is a significant sign that the car needs coolant, and continuing to drive an overheated car can ruin the engine. In many cases, prompt engine repair in Indianapolis IN can address these issues before they become serious. For help in diagnosing these issues, drivers can visit the team at Pete’s Service Center.

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