4 Pointers Before Booking a Beach Rental

When PCS happens, many families find themselves buried up to their necks in travel plans. Finding the right place to stay for you and your family makes the move for a new duty assignment easier. Here’s what you need to know if you’re checking out month-to-month rentals.

Look for Reimbursable Options

Not all month-to-month rentals in Virginia Beach are covered and valid for reimbursement, so look at those details before you call for a reservation. Also, reservations using platforms like Airbnb aren’t often valid for reimbursement, so it’s better to call the accommodations directly and ask which options are compatible with your plans.

Consider Convenience and Comfort

If you’re in for a short-term stay, a standard room with double beds and maybe a kitchenette will do. But if you plan to stay for a month or longer, it would be best to review the facilities. Is there enough space for you and your family? What are the amenities or facilities you can enjoy? Are there any military bases nearby? Do your homework before making a reservation.

Ask About Utilities

To ensure your comfort, you’re better off choosing rentals that have furnishings already set up. That’s convenient, especially if you plan to stay there for more than a few months instead of booking a home where you’ll need to bring in the furniture. Some property rental companies also make it easier by setting up the utilities in advance. Just let them know.

Research the Neighborhood

Know where the rental is. Is it in a central location? Does it offer easy access to shops or major transportation roads or hubs in the area? Is it near the base where you’re headed off to? How short is the drive to the beach? Consider those things to determine if the rental fits the bill.

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