4 Exciting Ways to Bring the Fun Back with Wallpaper

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Wall covering

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There are plenty of ways you could use wallpaper inside your home. From a great background to a wonderful design detail, wallpaper can go on your walls, your ‘art wall,’ your chair rail or simply bring your ceiling to life. The HuffingtonPost shows us how this is entirely possible;

1. Wall covering. That’s classic wallpaper move. And it’s a classic for a reason. There’s nothing that transforms a room faster than the right wallpaper. Want to turn your children’s room into a fairytale forest? There’s a wallpaper for that. Do your kids love the beach? Maybe you could have that design for their play room. Whatever designs you have in mind, you’re certain to get it. And if you prefer textured wallpapers, you only have to reach out to wallpaper shops like Honolulu Wall Covering Boutique in Hawaii to get what you need. While flat wallpapers give you a lot of sophisticated designs, textured wallpapers are charming and are great for building a casual, welcoming atmosphere.

2. Your art wall. The special wall is just that—special. It’s an old design trick—elevate one wall above the rest and make it the focal point of that space. For instance, you could use light blue shades on all the other walls but leave one out. Then pick a different color for that one wall. Put up different paintings every month or different posters of your favorite things, bands, people—from irresistible Cookie Monster and his pile of nibbly cookies to a picture of you and your cousins duking it out for an unforgettable shot. Turn that wall into your art wall, a space you can use to show off different shots, posters or any visual material that appeals to you.

3. Have a chair rail? Then add a touch of wallpaper to create a dramatic effect for the rails. You could go for a damask wallpaper for this one. Floral might also work. When you finish, you’re going to end up with a sumptuous display.

4. Ceiling upgrade. Tired of staring up your blank ceilings? Updating your ceilings is simple with wallpaper. You can choose a variety of styles, from bohemian to traditional, stylish to bold, conventional to rebel. Just make sure that anything you choose will work well with your furniture too.

So ditch the idea that wallpaper is only good for one use. You can even use it to decorate old cabinet faces to create furniture pieces that match your walls! So be creative. Explore the possibilities of wallpaper in your home. When you finally see the amazing results you could get up to, you might never go back to just plain old painted walls again.

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