4 Benefits of a Stone Fireplace Surround in Salt Lake City, UT

The area around a fireplace must be constructed of materials that are resistant to both fire and extreme heat. This ensures a fire can burn safely without fear of damaging the exterior of your fireplace.

People choose a wide range of materials for fireplace surrounds for their homes and commercial buildings — anything from brick and tile to steel and wood. Stone is another popular option and for good reason.

The following are some benefits that come with a stone fireplace surround in Salt Lake City, UT.

1. Durability and Resilience

Stone routinely withstands the elements out in nature and it will do the same for a fireplace surround. Stone stands tough against intense heat, ash and any other punishment a fire will dish out.

2. Long Lasting

Because of its durability, you can count on natural stone lasting a long time and looking great over the course of its life. Your fireplace surround will last the test of time.

3. Aesthetically Versatile

With an abundance of colors, designs and shapes, stone can help you achieve virtually any decor style you might be striving for, from elegance to a rugged, rustic look.

4. Value

Natural stone features of virtually any kind effectively enhance the monetary value of a home or commercial building.

Build Your Dream Fireplace

Stone Mountain Castings & Design has the expert craftsman to handle everything from designing and placing your interior or exterior fireplace to providing the natural stone accents to bring it to the next level. Connect with our team and let’s plan your project.

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