3 Tips to Help You Buy Dinnerware

Dinnerware is essential at any table. However, considering the many types available out in the market, it can be tough trying to buy a set when you haven’t got a clue how. Read on for a few tips to help you out:


How will the dinnerware be used? If it’s for everyday meals, then going for something sturdy might be a good choice on your part. Damage resistance is strongest with porcelain dinnerware. Plastic also works. If you want dinnerware you can use for special occasions, though, you can use ornamented ones to really set the mood. Holiday-themed dinnerware is easy enough to purchase, whether you’re looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s plate or Christmas set. And if you’re looking to commemorate a date or remember a birthday, wedding or someone’s graduation, you can have custom dinnerware and tableware made. Use it as a keepsake or give it as a gift. It’s an excellent way to mark a special occasion in your life.


There are three designs you can choose from, says Etiquette Scholar. These include romantic, classic and modern dinnerware platter designs. Romantic patterns usually have birds, flowers, fruits and shells. Classic ones include geometric or curving lines. And modern designs are usually abstract. As for shapes, you can try out rim-shaped plates or coupe-shaped ones.


Smooth surfaces are a great match for crystal, tightly-woven linens, brass and lacquer. Coarse finishes, such as those found on pottery, work well with heavy tableware so you can match them up with thick glass, have pewter on the table along with loosely-woven linens.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when you buy dinnerware. There are plenty more you’ll need to know, so ask around or do your research before you buy a set.

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