3 Tips to Follow When You Hire a Stand Up Comic For Your Event

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Event

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When it comes to hiring live entertainment for a birthday, wedding, or another event, you might hear plenty of horror stories. Often, unpleasant experiences come from hiring an entertainer without vetting them in advance. Before you start browsing the stand up comedians for hire in your community, it can help to develop your own vetting process.

Ask For Recommendations

Your first step should be to ask friends and co-workers if they have hired stand-up comics for their events. This can help you create a list of potential entertainers to consider. As you get recommendations, be sure to research each comedian online. Look at their social media pages and read a few comments that their followers have left on their pages. This can help you weed out the untalented comics that wouldn’t be a hit at your event.

Communicate Your Interest With the Comedian

When you have narrowed down your choices to two or three comedians, schedule interviews with each of them. The interview will give you a chance to learn more about their services, such as their pay rates. You should also be clear about the audience. If children will be attending the event, you’ll want to make sure the comic will keep their act clean.

Attend Their Shows

Your last step in looking for stand up comedians for hire should be to attend their shows. Some comics post video recordings of their shows on their social media pages. Watch their routines to determine if you find them funny and if their type of humor is appropriate for your event. This should be the last step in choosing a comic for your event.

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