3 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Before a Flood

If there’s one thing you learn quickly when you live in Chicagoland, it’s to be wary of the weather. Clear skies and sunny forecasts can easily turn into weeks of rain overnight, leaving you up to your ankles in murky water if you live in flood-prone Wilmette or Skokie. Luckily, there are options for Wilmette flood control that are both practical and effective. You just have to know who to call and what to ask for.


You might think of plumbers as only knowing about pipes and commodes, but they’re also the most reliable service professionals for almost anything that has to do with water in your home. That means you should call them if you have issues with water heaters or wet foundations. They’re also likely to have the perfect technology at hand for Wilmette flood control issues.

What to Ask

Before you ask any questions, make sure your plumber knows your situation. Are you preparing for floods in the spring, or do you have an emergency of some kind? If there’s damage, is there standing water, or do you just see some damp or discolored areas on your carpet or concrete flooring? Professionals like plumbers find it much easier to answer your questions effectively when they know what they’re dealing with.

Why Flood Control?

Flood control is a significant investment, with complex installations and equipment that requires maintenance every once in a while. Why even bother? Compared to the cost of flooding, which can wipe out all of your appliances and even cause persistent mold damage, a pump and a few backflow valves cost next to nothing.

When you’re looking at the Wilmette flood control options, plumbers are your best resource. Once you inform them of your situation, they’ll help you take appropriate measures to prevent or remediate damage. However, it’s always better to install flood protection before you see the first signs of water, especially in perennially waterlogged areas like Chicago’s near north suburbs.

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