3 Things to Say to Start Your Date Right

Knowing the right thing to say counts for a lot when you’re dating. Conversations can often make or break a date. Even with the help of the best dating sites in Boston, your conversational skills or lack thereof, can pretty much make a second date happen or not. So here are a couple of things you could say to get your date off to a good start.


“You look wonderful”, “Your tie looks great,” “You look amazing,” are just a few compliments that spring to mind. They don’t hurt any and are an excellent way to put your date at ease. And as first impressions go, it’s a great way to get your cute meet story started.

Job questions

People usually work in whatever they’re best at. Or at least they should. That’s why it’s almost always easy to ask people about their work. Some will respond passionately, which is great since it offers you a glimpse into who they are as a person, the kind of work ethics and value they have. On the other hand, if they start talking about how much they hate their job and do nothing to change it, that might be a big red flag that you’re sharing a table with a whiner. Make your polite excuses and go or finish that meeting as quickly as you can.

Favorite TV shows

There’s nothing like TV shows people love to get them to start talking. Style Caster says it’s an excellent way to find out if you two share common interests. Whether it’s in shows, books, films, maybe even a favorite plant or constellation, finding common ground is beautiful. Because a common interest tells you there’s something you can build a long-term relationship on.

So improve your conversation game. Because it might only take a single great one to get your match to say yes to another date or two.

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