3 Things That Palatine Personal Injury Lawyers Will Ask of the Clients

One of the best things that you can do for yourself after being injured due to the negligence of another party is to hire a personal injury lawyer. Be aware that most Palatine personal injury lawyers do have certain expectations of their clients. Here are three of the more important ones to keep in mind.

Up front, your legal counsel will expect you to provide full disclosure about all things that may be related to the injury taking place. To the best of your ability, tell your lawyer everything that you can remember. Even if you find it embarrassing or think it’s not related, tell the lawyer anyway. Doing so minimizes the potential for the counsel for the other party to bring up something that your lawyer did not know ahead of time.

While your lawyer wants you to be open and frank, that does not extend to what you share with others. Your legal counsel will expect you to not have any communications with the responsible party, the insurance company of that party, or even the legal counsel for the opposition. If any attempts are made to interact with you, deflect them by providing your lawyer’s name and contact information. Say nothing else, but do let your lawyer know about the attempt.

Your legal counsel expects access to medical information related to your injuries. It’s essential that you grant that access, so your medical team can release it to your lawyer. It’s not just treatments you’ve had and are still having; it’s also the treatment that may be needed in the future. All of that information factors into what sort of compensation your lawyer will seek on your behalf.

Remember that Palatine personal injury lawyers are invested in doing whatever they legally can to help their clients avoid financial hardship, have the care needed to recover, and in general limit the impact that the personal injury has on their lives. Do your best to cooperate, and you’ll make your lawyer’s job a little easier.

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