3 Sources of Fuel for a Coffee Table Fire Pit

A coffee table fire pit is a good way to keep yourself warm during the winter months of the year. You can install the table in your outdoor living area or in any other recommended location, depending on your preference. Since these tables come in different designs and sizes, you can be sure to get one that fits your taste and budget.

One important aspect that you should consider when choosing the table is the fuel that you want to use. There are three main types of fuel for table fire pits. These include propane, natural gas, and firewood.

  • Propane – The gas is used to power heaters, gas grills, and other heating appliances. The gas is stored in propane tanks which range in size. Coffee table fire pits that use propane should be placed under a pergola or on a patio in most cases. For safety purposes, consider the strength of the flame when deciding on where to install the fire pit.

  • Wood – It is cost effective and easily available. Some people enjoy listening to the crackling sound produced by wood when burning, while others love the odor produced by scented wood when burning. Unfortunately, wood produces carbon monoxide which is a harmful gas, and it takes time to light and put out the fire. If you prefer using wood, make sure you place the fire pit away from flammable materials or away from the house for safety.

  • Natural gas – Unlike wood, natural gas is a non-toxic source of fuel. For you to use the gas, you need to install natural gas lines to your coffee table fire pit.

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