3 Reasons Why Funerals in Harisburg, PA Often Include Cremation

Just a few years ago, cremation was considered an unusual choice for U.S. funerals. Today, citizens of towns like Harrisburg, who tend to be traditional, often opt for cremation instead of burial. Residents who are planning Funerals in Harrisburg PA choose cremation because it allows for flexible arrangements and is budget-friendly. Many also like the fact that the ashes can be used to create very personal memorials.

Cremation Makes Funeral Planning Easier

Families planning Funerals in Harrisburg PA often decide on cremation because it provides flexibility. They may want time to gather friends and family together, so they choose immediate cremation and then hold services at a more convenient time. Some clients place cremains in urns and bury them in family plots where there is no room for a casket. It is also easier and cheaper to ship cremains rather than bodies.

Cremation Memorials Can Be Unique

Because the whole point of planning funerals is to celebrate those who have died, families often arrange cremation in order to create personalized memorials. For example, they may scatter ashes in meaningful places, make them part of reefs, or plant them with trees. Funeral providers also offer a wide variety of memorial jewelry designed to hold ashes. That allows friends and family to keep parts of loved ones near them.

Cremation Is More Affordable Than Burial

Cost is another important and common reason families opt for cremation. Today, an average funeral costs about $7,000, and that may not include a cemetery plot or headstone. In contrast, cremation providers typically offer dignified arrangements for under $1,000. For that price, professionals pick up and cremate the body and then return the ashes to the family in a basic container. However, families can add a variety of other services, including DNA banking, upgraded urns, extra copies of death certificates, expedited services, and cremation jewelry.

Today, even the most traditional families often choose to have members cremated instead of buried. Cremation allows for flexible planning and makes it simple to arrange truly unique services. Cremation is also a more affordable choice even when clients add extras like memorial jewelry, premium urns, and rush service.

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