3 Reasons Why DIY Garage Door Repair Isn’t Ideal

Does your garage door roll off track? Does it have trouble opening or closing all the way? If so, you’re dealing with not only a frustrating issue but a dangerous one. Should you call a garage door company in Vero Beach, FL, for help or try to fix the problem on your own? Consider the top three reasons why calling a garage door repair professional is the right move every time.

1. Safety

Many people believe that the garage door motor does the heavy lifting, but it’s actually the torsion spring carrying most of the weight. If you’re interested in following a DIY tutorial for fixing a squeaky or cracked spring, please reconsider. A garage door can easily weigh 400 pounds, which means that the spring is under a lot of pressure. If the spring were to unwind while you or a loved one stood by, serious injury could occur. Professionals have the know-how to safely fix your garage door.

2. Tools

Garage door repair may require lift cables, winding bars, vice grips and a winch puller. If you don’t have the right tools, you may be tempted to get creative with your repair job, but you can be making more work for yourself. Winding bars, especially, should not be replaced by tire irons or jack handles unless you’re looking for an ineffective end result. Garage door repair experts have the tools needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3. Experience

Repairing your garage door could add value to your residential property and enhance your home’s appearance, if it’s done correctly. However, looks can be deceiving; you may think you have fixed an issue but then run into a problem down the road. Garage door repair takes precise work in order to avoid a weakened system.

Whether you need a new garage door or service on an existing one, doing it yourself could be courting disaster. Broken cables, springs, hinges and rollers are best handled by professionals. A garage door company in Vero Beach, FL, with experience in repair can keep your family and friends safe.

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