3 Reasons To Upgrade To Aftermarket Motorcycle Handlebars

The lure of the open road brings many different people into the world of bike ownership. Once you experience the thrill of being out on the road on a Harley Davidson, it is hard to imagine not having the opportunity to jump on the bike and take a ride.

While Harley Davidson bikes are classics, they aren’t always outfitted from the factory just the way every rider likes. In addition, many of the used bikes have been customized for past owners, including the addition of aftermarket motorcycle handlebars that may not meet the current owner’s style.

The option to change out stock handlebars for aftermarket motorcycle handlebars is one of the perks of owning a bike. There are three different but not unrelated reasons why many riders choose this option at some point in time.

For Rider Comfort

The typical from the factory Harley Davidson handlebar setup is designed for an “average” adult. The reality is, very few adults meet that average definition. For those that have longer or shorter arms, a longer or shorter torso or those people with back, neck or shoulder problems, the average handlebars just don’t work.

With aftermarket motorcycle handlebars, the rider can stipulate the width, grip, height, and design of the handlebars to provide individual comfort on the road.

For Style and Aesthetics

Everyone wants their bike to stand out and to look unique and personalized. By adding custom handlebars, you can provide a different look from the standard without spending a lot of money.

Styles can range from a twist on the classic to something really eye catching. The range of styles is amazing and offers a lot of choices.

For Rider Safety

Similar to rider comfort, having handlebars that keep the arms, shoulders and back relaxed is important. Handlebars that are incorrectly positioned can result in back or muscle spasms and pain as well as numbness in the hands and arms, all of which can potentially be safety issues when on the road.