3 Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter for Your Dog

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Pets

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Feeling ashamed about entrusting your pet to another individual because of your slightly busy work or school schedule is unnecessary. There are pet sitters who look for experience or an extra buck to earn while working another job or pursuing their career. You are their lifeline as they are yours. Here are three reasons why you should take a chance and hire a pet sitter in NYC.

#1 – Tea Time

Your best friend just received tickets to the Taylor Swift concert at the Pepsi center and she plans to leave tonight. She promised she would let you know before you left town, but now you are miles from home and your pet is clueless to who will care for them – if that. Once you schedule a visit with a pet sitter, they will be committed to the dates they confirmed with you. There will be no need to worry about your dog starving to death while your friend spends the day preparing for a concert that’s two states over.

#2 – Bunny Hop

Your father doesn’t understand animal’s need for companionship and often leaves your dog locked outside, tied to the dog house while he watches the game. He believes the dog will be fine since he’s already outside with food and water, but the temperature may prove to be moody – Texas weather. If you want your dog to be inside, played with, or tired out, hire a pet sitter. They understand that dogs require attention and exercise alike. The energy built up within them prevents them from taking a break and relaxing while your father watches the game inside. A pet sitter would make sure they use up that energy so that when you get home; they will be willing to rest with you for a good night’s rest.

#3 – Wet Noodle

The term “It’s raining cats and dogs” usually prevents people from walking their dog; either that or they wait for the storm to subside enough for them avoid puddles or high winds. Your sister would rather wait for the storm to pass than call you and ask if they really have to walk your dog out in “that kind of weather.” Dogs are not suppose to hold their bowel movements or urine longer than five to seven hours, so your sister can not wait 15 hours overnight to walk your dog. No matter if it’s rain or snow, your pet sitter will take care of your pet. In some cases of severe weather, the pet sitter will schedule an emergency plan to ensure that your pet is taken care of.

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