3 Reasons To Choose Perforated Metal Railing

For a new look for a staircase, outdoor railing or even a railing feature on a balcony or landing, perforated metal railing makes an excellent choice. There are several reasons why metal is superior to wood and understanding the differences can help you to see why this is a design element that is frequently used in both commercial buildings and property as well as in residential homes.

Comparing metal railing, especially the type made using perforated sheets, with other types of railing options is very easy. Once you consider the benefits, it makes the decision to choose the perforated metal railing very easy.

Of course, you will want to carefully select the company to complete the perforation work. Look for a business with experience and the state-of-the-art equipment to create identical sheets that are perfectly perforated in the specific designs and patterns to meet your railing needs.

Customized Look

With standard wood or metal bars used in railings, there is limited customization possible. Designers can choose the distance between railings and cross pieces as well as the diameters on either rod or bar.

With perforated metal railing, unique patterns can be created in the perforations. They can be large or small, round, square or rectangular or other types of shapes. The perforations can be grouped into unique patterns as well for a unique look.

Safety Feature

By using perforations rather than railing bars, there is only a small space in the railing, not larger gaps. This is important in both residential as well as commercial buildings to avoid safety issues with objects falling through the rails or with objects getting stuck between the rails.
However, depending on the pattern selected for the perforations, there can be a very open and airy look to the railing or more of a substantial level of privacy. This second option is often used for industrial types of railings.

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