3 Reasons To Buy From Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers

As an OEM company, a retro fit business, a manufacturing or fabricating plant or even as a general contractor, you have a group of businesses you work with and trust. In most cases, these are companies you have been working with for years.

If you are using aluminum extrusions and buying from any business but aluminum extrusion suppliers, you may be paying more than you need to for the parts you order. In addition, you may not be getting the services that the aluminum suppliers can offer that will add value to each order.

To help understand why you may be able to save both time and money by shopping with aluminum extrusion suppliers, let’s take a longer look at just what these businesses offer.

More Selection in Standard Extrusions

Metal supply centers and large hardware and building supply stores only carry the most common types of metal extrusions. You will find some standards such as t-channel and perhaps flat bar, some angles and of furring channel.

You won’t find a lot of size selection and you won’t find the more uncommon standard extrusions. These will have to be special ordered in, which often means a wait of several days to longer depending on the volume of the order.

One Delivery

Buying from aluminum extrusion suppliers will ensure your product is in stock and ready to ship. Additionally, you can arrange for all your aluminum to arrive at one time, ensuring you have the parts and components needed.

Some of the top companies will cut to order, punch, drill, miter and finish the aluminum as well, all important cost and time saving options.

Custom Extrusions

In some cases, it may be more cost effective to create a custom extrusion. Aluminum extrusion companies can provide this service, ensuring you get just the part you need.

They can also ensure adherence to the tolerances you require, helping your fabrication or construction by providing the right part design order after order.

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