3 Reasons to Attend Spartan Health Sciences University

Students in India understand the challenges of earning a seat in an MBBS program within the country. Scoring in the top levels on the NEET exam and having the financial means to attend private or government universities is difficult, and there is still the need to qualify for PG positions.

A better option is to complete an MBBS abroad at Spartan Health Sciences University in St. Lucia. This is a beautiful location, with a welcoming community, topical island temperatures, and a world-class medical university. There are many reasons why students choose this university, including the following three important factors.

Exceptional Teaching Faculty

The faculty at Spartan Health Sciences University is comprised of highly experienced medical professionals with years of teaching experience. Each faculty member supports student growth and encourages students to achieve their best in all they do. With a student to instructor ratio of 8 to 1, our students receive the personal attention they need to enter into the demanding field of medicine.

Fully Accredited and Recognized

Spartan Health Sciences University has CAAM-HP accreditation, which provides graduates with degrees that are recognized around the world. This accreditation is the highest level in the Caribbean and is recognized in the United States, India, Canada, the UK, and around the globe.

ACGME Approved Hospitals for Clinical Rotations

Choosing SHSU provides students with clinical rotations in ACGME approved teaching hospitals in the United States. These clinical rotations position graduates to complete their PG in the USA, which helps them in becoming a successful doctor around the globe and also earning a minimum stipend of 50,000 USD while completing their PG in USA.

Zordha Education is the exclusive representative and admission advisors for Spartan Health Sciences University. To find out more, see us online at zordha.com.

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