3 Reasons Off Campus Housing Will Be More Enjoyable Next Semester

If you have previously lived on campus, consider making a change as you make your plans to return for a new semester. While there are practical benefits to living in OU off campus housing, such as saving money throughout the semester, there are also a few hidden benefits. Your experience will depend on the particular housing community you choose, but each property will offer some worthwhile advantages.

Get a Companion

Spending hours alone with textbooks in front of you can get lonely, but a dog or cat can help you feel happier in solitude. Many off campus communities are pet-friendly, so you’ll be free to adopt an animal for some companionship. Having a pet around will remind you to peek up from your books once in a while.

Enjoy a Workout

When you live on the campus, you’ll have to pay for a gym membership or pay dues at a public pool. However, most off campus communities have their own swimming pools and fitness centers. This will make it cheaper and more convenient for you to get exercise on a daily basis.

Get Away from the Grind

Pursuing a degree can be stressful even when you’re not in class or working on an assignment. Just being on the campus will make you think about your educational responsibilities, and that can make it challenging to really unwind. When you live in OU off campus housing, you’ll be able to get away from that environment for a few hours each night.

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