3 Overlooked Factors When Choosing Contract Drug Manufacturing Companies

When looking for contract drug manufacturing companies, there are a lot of tips, suggestions, and strategies that are important. These options are essential and should be included in the big picture look at the manufacturer.

These factors tend to focus on price or cost of the production, including all the specific tasks and services the contract manufacturing company will provide. They will also include looking closely at the capacity of the manufacturer to not just complete the initial product preformulation, formulation, analysis and manufacturing and packaging order, but if they are able to respond and scale production up quickly once the drug hits the market.

While there are good reasons why these factors are often the first things considered, when looking at contract drug manufacturing companies, there are three other essential components to consider that should not be overlooked.

Intellectual Property Protection

One of the biggest oversights for many pharmaceutical companies is the lack of understanding of the manufacturer’s priority in protecting your intellectual property. This should be a priority with any contract manufacturer, and they should have an unblemished record in their work with the past and current clients.

Asking About Company Operations

Think of all contract drug manufacturing companies as partnerships sharing in the success of your new product as well as assisting you in overcoming challenges and barriers that may occur throughout the development phase.

It may seem strange to ask the company to explain their role in working with your company. Do they see themselves as service providers or do they see themselves as innovators providing essential services for their customers?

Research the Track Record

Take the time to fully investigate and research any contract drug manufacturing company under consideration. Make sure there are no past issues with the company and ask for references from other pharmaceutical companies that use the manufacturer for a good representation of what you can expect.