3 Myths about Rats and Rodent Control in Gilbert

Just the word rats is enough to make people cringe, especially if you feel like you have them scurrying around in your walls. Rats and mice are both rodents and you don’t want either of them running around your home. If you feel that you may have rats, then you will want to call in some type of Rodent Control in Gilbert right away.

However, there are many myths surrounding rats that need to be dispelled. Although you still want to call in some form of Rodent Control in Gilbert to take care of your problem, the myths still need to be known. Read on for a few of them.

Rats can Grow as Large as Cats

There are certain places in the world where rats can grow to large sizes, but there has never been a rat that grew to be the size of a cat. Domesticated cats usually grow to weigh between eight and ten pounds, a far cry from the two to three pounds that some rats grow to be, and that is an exception, not a rule when it comes to the size of rats around the world.

Cats can Control the Rat Population

You have often heard that if you just get a couple of cats your rat problems will go away. In honestly, rats breed too rapidly for your feline pal to take care of the problem for you. Many adult rats, though not weighing anywhere near the size of the cat, can be too large for a cat to manage comfortably, so the cat would prefer to leave the rat alone and vice a versa.

There are as Many Rats as there are People in Some Cities

This is pure myth; there are nowhere near as many rats in New York City as there are people. This is just a myth that is perpetrated for horror movies and to scare children.

These are just a few of the myths that are associated with rats that need to be dispelled. If you feel that you have a rat problem, it is best to call in the professionals at Sitename to be sure and take care of the problems. It is nice to know the myths however as well.

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