3 Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Trying Dabs in Tacoma

There are many ways to experience the benefits of using marijuana. With that said, concentrated THC is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to obtain relief from the cannabis plant. Follow these three tips before using dabs for the first time.

Have a Few Supplies Handy

Before you can start using dabs, you’ll need a few supplies. These supplies include some type of dab rig, a torch lighter, butane, and concentrated THC. Keep in mind that these are the base supplies. If you want to use a more complicated dabbing setup, you might also need a nail to store in your dab rig and a carb cap to limit airflow. It’s also possible to save money if you find special 7/10 dabs in Tacoma.

Consider Dabbing With a Friend

It’s understandable to feel nervous about trying dabs for the first time. Considering that, you might find that these nerves go away if you use dabs with another consenting adult. Plus, a friend that used dabs in the past can help you understand what to expect. You might also find that having someone with you creates a more fun experience.

Don’t Go Overboard

Concentrated THC dabs are far more potent than most other THC delivery methods. If possible, try to inhale a small amount of smoke made from burning your concentrated THC. It’s also a good idea to avoid standing up and walking for a few minutes after finding and using 7/10 dabs in Tacoma, as you’re likely going to feel light-headed.

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